It seems as though Australia is the place to be for the world’s most dangerous or venomous animals. Yet in Nick Robertson’s The Pack, it’s man’s best friend that takes a deadly turn. Penned by Evan Randall Green, fresh off of his directorial segment in Australian horror anthology A Night of Horror Volume I (review here), this man versus nature tale sees a family fending for their lives against a pack of bloodthirsty wild dogs.  Filmed in Adelaide, South Australia, and set on an isolated family farm, we can expect more of brutality and suspense that we’ve grown accustomed to from Australia’s stellar track record of animal attack genre films.

IFC Midnight will unleash the pack on VOD this February 5th, 2016.

A farmer and his family must fight for survival after a ferocious pack of wild dogs infiltrates their isolated farmhouse. Through a series of frightening and bloody encounters they are forced into survival mode to make it through the night.
The Pack