If you recall at the beginning of this year, the long awaited sequel to the 2008 sleeper hit, The Strangers was announced to finally be moving forward in production. I got my hands on the original script for The Strangers Part 2; Written by Bryan Bertino, the writer and director of the first film, the draft of the script I read was dated April 7th, 2009. Almost one year after the first films theatrical release.

At this point the script has been floating around the net for a few years, and it is likely that the studio has a completely new concept. But I figured it would be fun to review the script for the sequel that could have been The Strangers Part 2. Disclaimer: I will not be including many spoilers in this review, just in case they do decide to go with this version of the story in any shape or form.


The plot of the sequel reigns true to the gossip that has been floating around message boards for the past half-decade or so. The film opens with Liv Tyler’s character, Kristen, moments after the attack from the first film. Her time on screen is short lived, and is treated merely as an opening pre-title scene.

The beef of the story comes from the introduction of a new family. We meet them as they are being kicked out of their home due to foreclosure… a very timely subject if you think of the time period this was initially written in. The characters in the family range from all ages. The mother and father are just doing their best in the economic situation that they face. The family members include 3 children. It is not too clear in this script exactly how old they are, but one would be left to assume they are mostly teenagers.

The family sets up in an abandoned trailer park where they run into the strangers. From there the script plays out as a cat and mouse game throughout the trailer park. There are some pretty cool kill moments, and the full script proved to be a pretty suspenseful read.

The script didn’t do much in furthering the mythology behind the strangers. They are still as mysterious and ominous as they are portrayed in the first film. Perhaps that is what makes them so creepy. The ending is left very open ended and serves as an homage to the ending of the original Texas Chainsaw Massacre. It definitely leaves room for a Strangers Part 3.

This film has been rumored to be in production since the original release ranked in over $82 million at the box office. A new director, Marcel Langenegger is set to helm the project. Roy Lee, Doug Davison, Nathan Kahane and Trevor Macy are returning to produce the flick. Sonny Mallhi, Marc Evans and Joe Drake are on tap to executive produce the film through Veritgo and Good Universe. No word yet on when the film will be moving into production.