The Unseen isn’t a new movie. Our own Luke Rodriguez reviewed the film nearly two years ago. He gave a glowing review, saying “I’m not sure I’ve ever seen anything quite like The Unseen before.” And from the latest trailer, we have to agree. 

At its core, The Unseen is about a father trying to find his missing daughter. However, after watching the trailer, the movie is much more than that. The protagonist and father, portrayed by Aden Young, is also disappearing. The visual effects look stunning, and Luke gave them a shoutout in his review’s opening paragraph. 

The Unseen writer and director Geoff Redknap has makeup department credits on Deadpool, The Cabin In The Woods, and The Watchmen, which likely explains the movie’s exceptional visual style. 

The trailer doesn’t give the movie a release date. We can only hope The Unseen is available soon. 

A man who abandoned his family now risks everything to find his missing daughter, including exposing the secret that he is becoming invisible.