As the adage goes, you never take candy from a stranger. In THE YOUNG CANNIBALS, that goes for tasty looking burgers, as well, sadly. A group of friends hit the outdoors for some R&R and contract something far worse than E. coli.

The friends are tricked into eating burgers made from human flesh. Totally understandable. With the right charcoal, hamburger and humanburger taste virtually the same—especially with an assortment of condiments. Well, eating those tainted flesh burgers makes them the prime target for a monster living in the woods that likes to kill cannibals. How convenient.

THE YOUNG CANNIBALS looks full of fleshy fun, blood, and scares, taking a unique perspective on the whole “conjuring a monster” cliché. No Ouija board here. At least there’s not one in the trailer.

There’s no release date for THE YOUNG CANNIBALS, yet. But you can bet your burger we’ll keep an eye out for it.

Seven friends summon a monster when they are tricked into eating burgers made of human flesh.