Between recent overviews and our newest episode of The Modern Horrors Podcast, we’ve been trying our best to keep you guys up to date with the ever-changing and constantly developing story of the latest HELLRAISER film.

In last week’s podcast, we pondered whether or not Pinhead would be a necessary character at all in this new realm. We argued that some fans would undoubtedly be upset with his absence, but REVELATIONS, if anything, proved that including Pinhead for better or for worse. . . isn’t always a great thing. Nevertheless, the folks at Dimension Films have decided to bring back everyone’s favorite Cenobite–and as we revealed previously–it’s not Doug Bradley.

Ladies and gentlemen: Paul T. Taylor is your new Pinhead.

Paul T Taylor

Paul T. Taylor is your new Pinhead.

Taylor is far from a seasoned horror vet. In fact, his acting history is somewhat brief. And while that combination may be enough to make some of you boycott the new film altogether; keep an open mind. Sure, attempts to recast Freddy and even Pinhead himself have failed in the past, but think about how many Michaels, Jasons, and Leatherfaces we’ve had. What’s happening here may be uncommon for this particular franchise, but it can be done. After all, it’s not like Pinhead has the deepest of dialogues in these films. He’s a stamp–an instigator at times, but rarely a far reaching and full bodied character.

Much love and respect to Mr. Bradley for all of the work he’s put in over the years, but let’s try our best to show Mr. Paul T. Taylor some of that same respect. I mean, it’s not his fault that Dimension made the decisions they made. Bring it on!