Last year, Kasra Farahani delivered an emotional sucker punch to audiences with his directorial feature debut. Titled The Waiting during its festival run before being re-titled The Good Neighbor upon release, Farahani proved masterful behind the lens with a character study that brought high praise from our own (review).

Now, Farahani’s follow up is set to take the Tribeca Film Festival by storm with its World Premiere next week in the festival’s Midnight selection.  Written by Jason O’Leary, Kasra Farahani, the film stars Joseph Cross, Alexia Rasmussen, Kelvin Yu, Jessy Hodges, and CS Lee.

With Farahani’s strong debut already under his belt, Tribeca programmer Matt Barone has described Tilt as “prescient and chilling” with “powerful dread.”  Which solidifies this film as one to watch.

Tilt makes its premiere at the Tribeca Film Festival on April 22, 2017, followed by three additional screenings at the fest. Tickets can be purchased here. As further details are revealed, we’ll be sure to share.

By all appearances, struggling filmmaker Joe (Joseph Cross) shouldn’t be so glum. His wife, Joanne (Alexia Rasmussen), is pregnant and fully supports her hubby’s lack of gainful employment and desire to work on a documentary about America’s “Golden Age.” Appearances can be deceiving, though. Amidst Joe’s agitated Trump-inspired political rants, the documentary’s production continues to devolve into paranoid me-against-the-world defiance; late at night, he marauds around the streets of Los Angeles looking for trouble; when at home, he grows increasingly obsessed with Googling a random person’s name. There’s clearly something brewing inside of Joe—something dangerous.