It is Friday the 13th and before it’s too late I must remind everybody why the third entry in the venerable Voorhees franchise is the best …. proceed with caution


It can’t be left unmentioned that Friday 3D has super dated Disco as the theme music. It stamps the movie with awesomeness and makes it stand out from all other entries for reasons probably best not bragged about.

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Friday the 13th was always a trendsetter (and a copycat) so it’s no surprise that the Friday creators took a fledgling fad and ran with it.  It may have been around before part 3, but afterwards 3D was a hit for a little while at least.  Foreshadowing its return almost twenty years later the fad would burn out quickly but still, its damn fun!

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Part 3 has some of the best cringe worthy dialogue and performing of the entire series! There, I said it. From Paul Kratka’s clueless performance as boyfriend Rick to Larry Zerner’s adorably annoying (pre Jar Jar Binks) practical jokester Shelly, part 3D grates on your nerves in the best possible way. No one but true horror fans would be able to appreciate this kind of torture.


Forget not that part 3 has some of the best blood and some of the neatest looking gore in the series.  Whether we’re talking about halving Andy down the middle, an eyeball popping out of the best fake head in history or the speargun shot heard round the world, there are few installments that match part 3 for it’s ferocity displayed onscreen.


Listen, I love Kane Hodder as much as anybody people. But lets admit it, he starred in some of the worst Fridays in the entire series. For all of the hype regarding the “stamp” he left on the Voorhees character, I argue most of it was done here first. From grunts, to lumbering runs to scary as shit stalking, Richard Brooker is my favorite Jason bar none.

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There you have it, all the reasons why three is the lucky number for Jason Voorhees.  What do you think?  Am I crazy?  What’s your favorite entry and why?  What’s your favorite kill?  Favorite Final Girl?  Sound off in the comments below!