Don't "Shush" me, Felicity. People need to know about these films!

When MH co-founder Luke Rodriguez calls something “one of the sickest and most shocking movies in years” you best sit up and pay attention! In his own words, “I couldn’t help but be completely entrenched in the events that were unfolding on screen. There’s more to [main character] Medea than meets the eye, and the process of learning about her is as intriguing as it is disgusting. … I’ll be revisiting this cult-classic in the making multiple times, and you should too… if you can stomach it.” Hell, he even called the trailer “disgusting.” With a solid 7.5/10, the strong-stomached, at the very least, should not miss it!

Pulling no punches, Luke acknowledges the elephant in the room in his review, saying “It takes a lot to be excited about a zombie flick these days.” Luckily, THE CURED has a lot going for it. “[T]his isn’t another post-apocalyptic snoozer set in a desolate wasteland. Instead, the film resides within the inner cities of Ireland where those who were once contaminated are treated more like inmates on parole than courageous survivors.” This solid hook, combined with an amazing performance from Ellen Page was enough to earn this one a 7.5/10. Granted, this IFC flick is probably one of the most well-known on our list, it still finds itself on the back-burner when it shouldn’t be. Check out the trailer, and take your cure!

Are we cheating a bit by throwing RUIN ME at you when it only hits Shudder on July 19? Maybe, but that’s not gonna fucking stop us! We’ve been singing this movie’s praises since PUFF last year, and we want to make damn sure this movie finds an audience because, well, it damn well deserves it. As Luke put it, “RUIN ME is a film by horror fans for horror fans, and that’s proudly on display in the film’s early exchanges. Non-die hards won’t feel alienated, but those that fly their freak flag with pride will be rewarded. That said, as … the situation becomes more dire, [the filmmakers] trade fan service and wit for tension and misdirection. This allows the film to transition … into a full-blown thrill ride.” With a 7.3/10, this is a must watch for die-hard genre fans, and a should watch for everyone else. If the review doesn’t sell you, check out the trailer.

Matt Stuertz’s magnum opus horror/comedy is not suitable for all audiences, to say the least. From its use of blood, to its use of nudity, to its absolute sexual depravity, TONIGHT SHE COMES is an exercise in the extreme. While we never condone pirating films, we especially implore you to check out the US-released unrated version, rather than the neutered cut making its rounds on your favorite torrent site. As to the film, it’s as if the producer said, “Matt, I want you to make Evil Dead with 20% more American Pie and a big bucket of period blood!” TONIGHT SHE COMES is yet another “must watch” for all you sick genre fucks. Check out the trailer and kiss your ass goodbye for tonight, she comes and everyone else must die!