I’m going to shoot it to you straight on this one. The trailer for BIG LEGEND doesn’t have me sold at this moment. So why am I writing about it? Because I think the actual film might be far better than the package we’re about to present you with.

I’m a big fan of Bigfoot (see what I did there?), and if nothing else, BIG LEGEND has some recognizable faces, REAL explosions, and plenty of screen time for the big man himself from the looks of it. That’s enough to call me intrigued. Maybe it’s enough for you too. BIG LEGEND hits VOD July 3rd via Vega Baby Releasing and Sony Pictures Home Entertainment.  We’ll have a review for you before then.

Following the trail of his missing fiancée, one man finds more than he bargained for when teaming up with a local hunter who has his eyes set on the ultimate prize: finding Bigfoot.