It looks like writer/director Yeon Sang-ho is headed back to his greatest success. After impressing with his latest release, Psychokinesis, Sang-ho has made it known that he’s already working on a sequel to the breakout Zombie hit, Train to Busan. In a recent comment, Sang-ho stated:

“It is an extension of Train To Busan, after the virus has spread throughout Korea, but the characters are not the same. It shares the same world view and is a zombie action film that deals with the aftermath on the peninsula of what happened in Train To Busan.”

Not much is known other than the budget is expected to increase over that of the original. We were enormous fans of the original, as detailed in our review, and we can’t wait to see more. Sang-ho indicated that there were no plans to create a companion piece similar to Train to Busan’s Seoul Station. We’ll update you as more information becomes available in the coming months.