Terror, that's timely.

It seems like only yesterday we shared the news with you, and it some ways it was. In March we told you about Image Comics new series INFIDEL and now, we have more.

Some big players at TriStar Pictures have snapped up the rights to the series even though only two issues of the five-issue series has hit the streets. Oscar-winner, Michael Sugar (SPOTLIGHT, 13 REASONS WHY) will produce the film.

Written by former Vertigo Comics Editor and short film Director, Pornsak Pichetshote, with art by Aaron Campbell (The Shadow, James Bond), the INFIDEL plot is not only a scary one, it’s a comment on today’s political and cultural landscape.

The story centers around a Muslim girl and her family who move into a strange building where supernatural spirits begin stalking residents. It’s soon revealed that these bloodthirsty creatures literally feed off the occupant’s hate and xenophobia, two things that unfortunately seem to be abundant.

Talking to The Hollywood Reporter, Pichetshote said he wanted to tell a story that “looked like the world outside my window…where things like racism and xenophobia unequivocally exist, and while we can all agree it’s insidious, we can’t necessarily agree with what it looks like. And if we can’t agree on that, how do we fight it?

We’ll have to wait for questions like this to be answered, but for now pick up a copy of INFIDEL where you can. We’ll share more news as we get it.

INFIDEL, Issue 3