This is definitely one of the more unusual films I have come across. It is also one of the most intentionally confusing. Unedited footage of a Bear is a unique short that starts off as a “found footage” clip of, you guessed it, a bear. But that is not where the story starts, after a few moments of this “unedited footage”, we get an advertisement for Claridryl. I fell for it myself, but the skip button brings you to a fake page for the drug, and it turns out that the ad is actually part of the film.

Unedited Footage of a Bear may seem strange to some, but if you’ve ever known someone who suffered from addiction, it may seem a little familiar and makes it that much more scary when you realize how real it could be. At least, drug abuse is the message that I got from it. There’s a lot of crazy stuff going on so pay attention.  At just over 10 minutes this short film escalates quickly and shows just how well Claridryl is working out for our commercial mom and her family.

It was released on Adult Swim in mid December and is available to watch on youtube here, if you have 10 minutes, it’s absolutely worth the time. –