Save the date because Valentine’s Day, 2019 will see Universal Studios release its reboot of the 1935 classic, Bride of Frankenstein. The film is slated to be the second of Universal Studio’s reinterpretations of its classic monster movies, the first of which is The Mummy, set for release June 9th.

Directed by Bill Condon, this Bride’s makeover will be written by David Koepp (Jurassic Park, Carlito’s Way, Spiderman) and join Universal’s Dark Universe franchise which so far includes planned remakes of The Invisible Man, Frankenstein, The Werewolf and The Creature from The Black Lagoon. Casting for the lead, which Condon accurately calls, “the most iconic female monster in film history” will begin this summer. Stars inked for other reboots include Javier Bardem for Frankenstein and Johnny Depp for The Invisible Man.

Reaction to The Mummy trailer has leaned ho-hum, but hopes are high for Bill Condon’s Bride. After all, this is the same Director who brought us Mr. Holmes, Kinsey and the critically acclaimed 1998 film, Gods and Monsters starring Sir Ian McKellen. That film imagined an aging James Whale, Director of the original Bride of Frankenstein, recollecting on the project while confronting censured sexuality, a failing mind and a career whose light had dimmed.

While you cross your fingers, toes and eyes hoping for the best from these Universal translations, gather the villagers, light your torches and RSVP for the classic monster mood by enjoying Universal’s teaser for the Dark Universe series below.