Familiarity breeds contempt, and there’s nothing more familiar than FAMILY. Or so goes the premise of Veronica Kedar’s third feature, and first in the horror genre. Already an award-winning filmmaker, Kedar both directs and steps into the role, presumably, of the titular family matriarch, Lily. With Best Israeli Feature from the Jerusalem Film Festival already in hand, Kedar will next take FAMILY to FANTASPOA in Brazil.

The teaser, which you should definitely check out, consists of about sixty seconds of beautiful, eerie imagery combined with a sultry, gorgeous piano score … followed by about 10 seconds of absolute ‘what-the-fuck.’ Hit play and enjoy, and we’ll keep you posted with a review and release details as soon as we can!

It all began on one night, when Lily arrived at her therapist’s house asking for an emergency session. She wants to explain why she killed her family.