Welcome to Milton

Jerry is an everyday likable guy. He has a decent job at a factory, the interest of a pretty girl, and the love of two absolutely wonderful pets. Jerry is also completely insane. He hears voices. Often times they come from his cat (Mr. Whiskers) and dog (Bosco). You can think of them as the voices of good and evil…or right and wrong. However you want to look at it, they are hilarious. One day, Jerry is asked to help plan a company outing, and in doing so, gains some exposure among folks that he may not ordinarily talk to. This leads to a cascading series of events that Bosco and Mr. Whiskers do their best to help navigate. Sounds insane, right? It is.

Let it be known – I am not a fan of the horror/comedy mash up. However, Ryan Reynolds is just too goddamn charming and funny to not like. The success of the film does not sit on his shoulders alone though. The Voices is shot remarkably well. Common themes and colors jump out at you from all angles – giving it a since of unison, and helps make 2 or 3 filming locations seem like an entire universe. The acting is top notch and sound is always on point. There is even a special treat at the end of the film to help showcase that even more! I honestly cannot write enough kind words to sum up the joy I found here. Using the word “joy” in a film that depicts a mentally ill serial killer feels odd, but it is absolutely appropriate.

If you peel away the charming performances and shiny production value – you’ll find that we are dealing with some real shit here. We are reminded of that from time to time. Jerry’s colorful world fades into a gritty and disgusting reality once he realizes who he is. His insanity is what paints the picture of fun and polish in an otherwise very sick man. We get glimpses into his past, and even some back story. It’s not completely necessary, but does make some decisions slightly easier to swallow.

Watch this film. Even if you are like me, and hate the intentional merger of horrific and comedic elements, this is a good one. I can see it becoming a cult classic that is rewatched by many over the years. The more I think about it…the more I think I will be one of those people.