It”s no surprise that I am a huge fan of quality indie film. I go out of my way to promote it as often as I can, and I’m grateful to those that send me their films – shorts and features alike. But every once in a while I come across one that deserves some special attention.

The Seamstress is Directed, Produced, Shot, And edited by Tyler Mann. I had never heard of the name before, but I’ll certainly be keeping an ear open from this point forward. The film has a clean, or sterile, sort of look, and it’s immediately apparent that Mr. Mann knows his shit. It is surprisingly short (even for a short film) – coming in at less than 6 minutes total. Perhaps most importantly though, it’s fantastic.

It’s always a joy to see what filmmakers are capable of with such limited resources. The Seamstress features one actress, one puppy, and one mannequin. That’s all it needs. The wonderful sound design and composition does a wonderful job of building suspense, and then getting out of the way when “the moment” calls for it. Don’t take my word for it though, you can watch The Seamstress right here, right now.

A young woman and her dog encounter something supernatural while she’s working in her garage…