Modern Horrors attended the Texas premiere for It Comes at Night. Read on for details on this remarkable premiere, as well as a giveaway. Photo credit: Heather Kennedy.

On Monday night, Modern Horrors ventured to Austin, TX for a unique, experiential screening of Trey Edward Shults It Comes at Night (review). Alamo Drafthouse teamed up with A24 to bring the intensity of Shults’ film to the next level; by screening the film in the middle of the isolated woods.

Attendees met at the Alamo Drafthouse Mueller location, where they were lulled into comfort with drinks and food before being handed bottles of water and surgical masks while being whisked onto school buses by guides donning gas masks. The guides kept repeating the instructions that we were to wear the masks at all times, to keep close, and to remain quiet.

IT COMES AT NIGHT Rolling Roadshow screening in the woods. / Photo by

The silence grew deafening as the buses drove about a half an hour outside of Austin, and the roads grew uncomfortably narrow. As the woods enclosed upon the buses, trees scraping and scratching from all sides, attendees began to wonder how we’d make it back from this journey. Upon arrival, our gas-masked guides lead us by lantern down a wooded path, instructing us not to approach any animals or communicate with any outsiders. The woods opened up just enough to find us gathered before a red door.

IT COMES AT NIGHT Rolling Roadshow screening in the woods. / Photo by

Once stepping through the red door, attendees continued down the very dark path until they found the screening area, bathed in red light, lanterns, and a fire pit. The setting proved to be the most appropriate, and most unsettling for Shults’ sophomore feature, and the audience fell completely under its spell. Afterward, a Q&A was held with the writer/director, where he spoke more about the dark state of mind he was in during the creation of his film.

IT COMES AT NIGHT Rolling Roadshow screening in the woods. / Photo by

We survived our night in the woods, and caught up with Shults the following day to pick his brain further on his harrowing film. Stay tuned for our interview.

We also thought we’d try to bring some of the experience back to you. We’ve got an early copy of the soundtrack on CD to give away for one lucky reader. This soundtrack features the film’s original music composed by Brian McOmber, and will be released digitally on June 9th, and physically a few weeks after. To enter, just comment below with where you would seek refuge during an apocalyptic event.

Special thanks to A24 and Alamo Drafthouse for putting together such a memorable experience. It Comes at Night will arrive in theaters June 9, 2017.