Over the last several years, distribution company A24 has made a huge name for itself by releasing quality titles such as Green Room, The Witch, Ex Machina, and many more. Today, A24 released this mysterious, and rather vague, teaser trailer with the caption: “in our near future”. It reveals very little, but the teaser has already captivated its viewers.

The video, simply called ‘Untitled’, displays short sentences with a sequence of images; most of which are people staring into space. Neither the images nor the sentences provide any hint about the plot or characters. What we can say without hesitation, is that the short teaser alone promises to deliver beautiful cinematography.

A lot of speculation is floating around the internet right now, but nothing is certain at this point. Is this even a sci-fi movie like most viewers have been calling it? Or is it something entirely different? After all, A24 has worked on TV shows before. 

None of the distributor’s upcoming slate matches the look and feel of this trailer, so this is either a brand new original film or TV show, a sequel, or maybe even their way of introducing a new filmmaker. Either way, I am intrigued. We’ll keep you posted as new details come our way.