What happens when science grants eternal life, giving people the ability to live countless lives and pursue numerous endeavors? It sounds like a utopia – a perfect world for those who seek immortality. But no matter how perfect a word is, teens can still find angst, and in this ideal world of immortality, a rash of teenage suicides are shocking in Ad Vitam. 

The aesthetic is jaw-dropping with an elaborate color pallet. The TV show, hailing from France, follows a detective and a rebellious 20-something to uncover the truth behind the rash of mysterious suicides. Ad Vitam is filled with beautiful sci-fi elements and a compelling mystery behind the deaths. 

Thomas Cailley directs. Ad Vitam stars Garance Marillier (Raw), Yvan Attal, and Niels Schneider. Ad Vitam made its world premiere Monday at the Toronto International Film Festival.  

Plot Synopsis

A new regeneration process allows human beings to live forever, but when a number of teenage suicides rock the seemingly evergreen population, a hard-boiled detective must enlist the help of a rebellious 20-something to uncover the truth behind what happened.