To say the cadence of The Modern Horrors Podcast has been irregular as of late would be a kind understatement. Truth is, we’ve been pretty flakey lately–and most of that is on me. But don’t think for a second that we’re going anywhere. We’ll be back. And as we always say, it’ll be worth the wait.

While I take some time away to settle a myriad of projects and personal affairs, Jacob and I are toying with some ideas that might freshen the ol’ podcast up a bit. Maybe it’s time to break free from our chains and talk about; well, whatever the hell we want. We love the show, but we’re eager to try new things. Hopefully we return within the next week or two with something you’ll enjoy. Until then, keep on queueing up new episodes of The Final Girls, The Horror Virgin, and Death Dying, and Other Things.

Lastly, thank you for your continued support. Every share, like, comment, and retweet quite literally means everything to us. We’re creeping up on four years, and a lot of really cool things are starting to happen. But don’t mistake that for any type of true success. We rely on your support and willingness to share what we do at Modern Horrors to keep the train moving.

Seriously, thank you. The mics will be dusted off very soon.