Looking for a new centerpiece at the dinner table? How about something on the mantle next to the family photos? Maybe you have a hardcore-horror fan who’s getting married soon and haven’t found the perfect wedding gift? Well, do we have something for you? That baby from that infamous scene in A SERBIAN FILM has found its way onto eBay so you can bid on it. Yes, it’s the on-screen prop.

Apparently, there was A SERBIAN FILM exhibition last week where props from the movie were on display along with a screening of the film with the director – cool. Now, some of the props from the movie are up for auction, and the baby prop is one of those items.

Currently, there’s only one bid – as of this writing – on the item with a starting price of $6,000. According to the listing’s description, the prop will come with a Certificate of Authenticity from Contra Films and Unearthed Films. That way, if anyone one questions why you have the prop tying your bathroom décor together, you can shove the certificate in their face and say it’s a part of cinema history.

The auction ends Friday evening.