HULU has had a great year and they want Horror fans to have a great October.

When it comes to Horror, HULU has consistently offered a respectable list of genre stalkers, slashers and creepers available to its scare-loving subscribers, but now they’ve released some original material to help hook new ones. Starting late last week, HULU has released a series of short films to dive into, as well as some well-produced hour-long YouTube videos you can play at your next ghoulish get-together.

Coming off five Emmy Award wins for their stylish adaption of Margaret Atwood’s A HANDMAID’S TALE, the streaming service HULU seems to be tooting their own hellish horn this Halloween. Holding their own at third-place in the streaming market, HULU has said they plan to spend $2.5 million on original content this year, with much of that hinting at Horror. That may not seem like a lot compared to Netflix, but it’s worth pointing out that Hulu operates only in the U.S., while Netflix and Amazon are global.

Called ‘Hulu-ween’, these new shorts will be available to subscribers old and new. They’re part of a six-part anthology series called The House and we’ve got two of them for you below, as well as an hour-long Halloween party video, complete with a spooky graveyard, drifting fog and swarms of bats. You’re welcome.

THE PROJECTIONIST: Directed by Daniel Marks

LET US IN: Directed by Shane Small & Marco Slavnic

GRAVEYARD: An hour-plus long animation for your next Spooky Soiree