If you like movie’s that give you that “WTF” feeling, then Box Room may be the short film you’ve been looking for. With a very twisted and grotesque storyline and graphic, disturbing sequence of events, Box Room left me unnerved for the remainder of the night. My wife stopped me dead in my tracks within the first sentence of me trying to describe the story to her, which only means that they succeeded in their attempt to disturb and horrify the viewers. While not being your typical “horror” type film, with no real scares or jumps, it definitely has a icky feeling that will leave you slightly uncomfortable. Possibly leaving you unable to sleep and upset with me for recommending it, which is great.

Without giving too much away about the story, it is about a young, seemingly depressed teenager (Jeremy) who lives with his promiscuous mother in their depressingly rundown apartment. One night, while frustrated and annoyed with the sounds of yet another of his mother’s one night stands, he lashes out in anger at the wall in his room, later revealing… you ready?……. a monstrous vagina living in the wall of his drab apartment bedroom. As he investigates the strange orifice that he has unknowingly unveiled in his wall, he eventually… does things with it, leading to the what is possibly most young men’s greatest fear, unplanned parenthood. Things only get more disturbing from there.

Viewers beware, there is some brief nudity, and some up-close, possibly unnecessary but very realistic shots of what can only be described as female supernatural genitalia. But please don’t let that stop you from watching this disgustingly awesome film.

Box Room, directed by Michael Lathrop, written by Michael Lathrop and David Lester Mooney, was premiered at SXSW, Stanley Film Festival, and others in 2014. For Mature audiences only, if you have 15 minutes to spare, I highly recommend taking the time to check it out. Though the story may not be the most pleasant, it is categorized as a horror and worth a watch. It’s similar to TUB by Bobby Miller, but to me was much better and disturbing.