In reviewing the limited trailer for Suspiria, I wanted to point out a few elements I felt were strange to mention or had a correlation to the original or the Three Mothers in general. These are my interpretations based on my working knowledge of the original and are by no mean true “spoilers” so much as how I think they fit in thematically.

Raise the brightness and what I originally thought was “Iris Theater” becomes “Uris Theater”–located in New York and opened on November 28th 1972. This could be a reference to Inferno as that’s where Mater Tenebarum is based. November is also the working month for Suspiria’s release. Lastly, this theater is known as the home of the blockbuster play Wicked. Which is an alternative retelling of characters from The Wizard of Oz; specifically Glenda the “good” witch and Elphaba the eventual “wicked” witch.

This is the translated phrase adjacent from Patricia’s missing poster. Though there isn’t a great deal of information to go off of, I’d like to think the “word” might actually be the one discernible lyric from Goblin’s legendary score. That word is “WITCH”. Pat Hingle is the first murder we see take place in Suspiria; transpiring after Pat has left the school with urgency as she has figured out exactly what the academy is.