Holy shit, is it December already? Looks like it’s time to bust out the eggnog and throw on the Mariah Carey Christmas err.. hardcore Death Metal album and queue up the latest episode of the Modern Horrors Podcast! So what are we diving into this week?

Well, Universal finally unwrapped the debut trailer for THE MUMMY, we stumble across the heavy handed trailer for PIG PEN, Jacob receives a surprise email with the subject ALIEN DEATH FUCK, THE WALKING DEAD hits a 4 year low in ratings, and Japan proves that it is still super awesome and weird with the debut trailer for KODOKU: MEATBALL MACHINE.

Then we’re joined by the writer/director of ESCAPE FROM CANNIBAL FARM, Charlie Steeds, to discuss creating the now-controversial film along with news on when we can actually view the damn thing.

All of that plus a full review of THE BARN (ships on 12/15 if you preorder) and yet another round of #ASKMODERNHORRORS. So what are you waiting for? Listen, subscribe, share, etc!