One of our many passions here at Modern Horrors is shedding light on indie projects that you might not hear about otherwise. We’re constantly on the look for new and exciting film, but Expressway to Your Skull found us. I gotta be honest, that title alone has me pretty pumped.

Genre fans looking for something a little more…trippy… might want to take note. In fact, director Michael Okum calls it a ““Psychedelic Horror-Thriller”. I’m into those… I think. We’ll have a full review posted this weekend, but be on the lookout for the film on DVD 11/3 (courtesy of Brain Damage Films) and VOD on 12/1. Until then, check out the newest trailer for Expressway to Your Skull below:

An impulsive road trip leads a young couple to a secluded campsite in the woods where they cross paths with a mysterious survivalist. Soon a romantic drug-fueled getaway turns into a nightmarish fight for survival. Get Your Dose.