Keeping up your enthusiasm for a long running series isn’t particularly easy. Staying interested in a long running horror series can be downright near impossible. There’s a reason most horror comics are either anthologies or short run miniseries: nothing can overstay its welcome like a scary story that just refuses to end. Presented for your approval are five horror comics still ripe enough to have that fresh smell of newly dug grave dirt.

Blood Feud - Cover 2It’s the Hatfields and McCoys by way of From Dusk Till Dawn. A Southern campfire yarn of vampires, this is the story of Spider Creek, a sleepy little town where one family is willing to go a little too far to win a feud with their rivals. Blood Feud is a quirky, creepy tale spun by author Cullen Bunn, a Southerner himself, and feels just as musty and sickly a horror story as you could want.

Blood Feud is published by Oni Press.

LimboEqual parts Phillip Marlowe, Hotline Miami, and the lingering aftereffects of that mushroom you probably shouldn’t have eaten while you were out camping, Limbo is an insane romp through a 1980s wonderland of insanity. Imagine yourself trying to read copies of Fangoria and Nintendo Power simultaneously while also tripping on LSD, and you can almost capture the experience. Amnesiac detectives, voodoo queens, and the best 80s aesthetic this side of Vice City await a reader willing to embark upon the ride.

Limbo is published by Image Comics.

PostalWhat it’s not: the ribald tale of a disgruntled first–person–shooter protagonist and his sidekick, Gary Coleman. What it is: a clever deconstruction of Americana as seen through the eyes of Mark Shiffron, a postal employee living with autism in the town of Eden, Wyoming. Eden is a town you won’t find on any map, because it doesn’t exist. It doesn’t exist because Eden is a town made up entirely of felons, murderers, and the most manipulative monsters humanity has to offer. Eden is a place for second chances, where there is zero tolerance for crimes of any sort. How unfortunate it is, then, that the people of Eden, Wyoming should happen to all of a sudden find murder in their midst. . .

Postal is published by Top Cow and Image Comics.

ProvidenceAlan Moore takes us on a journey through the collected works of H.P. Lovecraft. It’s like Seussical for sociopaths. Join reporter Robert Black as he stumbles into Providence, a place full of intricate details and references only the most learned of eldritch enthusiasts will catch. Providence is astoundingly true the spirit of Lovecraft’s works, and the reader can’t help but be filled with encroaching dread for the fate of the unassuming hero as he delves ever further into that world where the air is cold, the rats are in the walls, and, perhaps, even death may die.

Providence is published by Avatar Press.

VisionTom King may be the best thing to happen to comic books in a long, long time. Yes, this book is about the Vision, flagship character of Marvel Comics’ The Avengers. It is also a deeply disturbing tale of murder, blackmail, and a deep, sour rot eating away at a family that happens to be a little bit different from everyone else on their block. As Grant Morrison once did with Animal Man, and Alan Moore with Swamp Thing, Tom King now takes a comfortable, familiar character into dark places unlike any before. It’s a story about our neighbors. . . if they happened to have the power to kill every last one of us on a whim.

Vision is published by Marvel Comics.