Big budget horror movies are hard to come by. In fact – what we consider to be “big budget” in the horror industry isn’t very big at all. So when we see something with 5 to 10 million bucks behind it, it usually finds commercial success. It’s not entirely uncommon to see quality work in the 1 to 3 million dollar range, but once we get below that – things become a little muddier.

That’s why this list of short films is so impressive to me. These are genuinely creepy films made with little to no money at all. Just people fueled by their own creativity, passion, and talent. Turn down the lights, throw your headphones on, and crank the volume up. These are sure to impress.


2AM: The Smiling Man


Lights Out

Cam Closer

The Expressionless


If I had 3 Million to give to these film makers to see what they could do…I totally would.