We’re all familiar with Asian, Spanish, and French horror films, but our friends in the Arctic Circle turn out their fair share of amazing horror cinema. From psychological to slasher, the Nords have you covered.  So set aside your fear of subtitles as I present to you 6 of my favorite Nordic films that are sure to please any horror fan.


Set in the 16th century, “Sauna” could easily be placed in a modern setting with minimal changes. The dreary backdrop only adds to the unease you get watching the cryptic narrative unfold. I’m still not sure if I understand it all, but I do know that I like it. For fans of Psychological/Supernatural Horror


If you’ve been scrolling past this gem based on the name alone, shame on you. Trolls exist, and thankfully they are kept in check by black-op government employees. Ever wonder why power lines are designed the way they are? This film will answer that question. For fans of Monsters/Found-Footage Horror


I don’t know the first thing about herding reindeer, other than it looks boring as hell. That is of course, until you find Santa Claus frozen in a block of ice. You won’t see this Santa during Macy’s Thanksgiving Parade (or at least you better hope you don’t). This is one mean mother fucker. The movie won’t have you leaving the lights on, but damn is it fun. For fans of Holiday Themed Horror


Before it was the cool thing to do, “Dead Snow” gave us Nazi zombies. I know what you’re saying, “Nazi zombies are so played out”, but I promise you this is still worth your time. The comedy is solid and there is almost an “Evil Dead” vibe going on. Oh, and a blowjob in the outhouse. So… yeah. For fans of Zombies/Comedy Horror


It’s possible that you’re more familiar with the American remake titled “Let Me In”, and believe me when I say that it doesn’t come close to touching the brilliance of this movie. This isn’t just a good horror film, this is simply good film making, period. Buckle in for this unique love story. For fans of Vampires/Dramatic Horror


Five friends go snowboarding in a remote part of Jotunheimen. What could go wrong? If you answered a broken leg, being forced to take shelter in an abandoned hotel, and having a deranged killer hunt you down, you would be correct. There isn’t a lot presented here that’s new, but boy does it do the Slasher film right. And did I mention that there are “Cold Prey II” and “Cold Prey III”? For fans of Slashers (obviously)


Notes:  It’s impossible to find a trailer of “Cold Prey” with English subtitles that has more than 12 pixels. My apologies.  As always, if one of your favorite films didn’t make the list, let us know!