Bangkok based developer MAD Virtual Reality Studio is comprised of hardcore horror fans.  Their office view overlooks a cemetery, for crying out loud.  So of course they chose to create a first person adventure game set in one of horror’s creepiest locations: a hospital.

You play as three different characters exploring various parts of the Thai hospital in order to solve the murder of Araya. You won’t be alone, either, as there are vengeful entities inhabiting the hospital that may not want you to solve the mystery.  Here’s the thing; this game was designed with VR technology in mind.  Which will make Araya one terrifying VR experience.

MAD Virtual Reality Studio has added the project to Steam Greenlight, and if successful the game should see a second quarter 2016 release.  For those without a VR Headset, rest assured that this game will still be playable on the PC.  Check out the eerie game teaser below: