One of our fellow horror sites got a rather interesting note of warning today. It originated from someone known only as Merrick, and is accompanied by a generally creepy Youtube video of creepy things doing creepy shit. The note reads as follows:

If you haven’t heard already, the circus is coming to town! The days of the colosseum and public executions have returned. It’s time to devolve. Consider this your formal invitation for a front row seat to my show.

OCT. 27th – for 24 straight hours.

Get ready for the BLOODIEST SHOW ON EARTH!!

So.. a couple things:

1. What the fuck…

2. This shit is a real life horror movie just waiting to happen. What on earth are we about to see? 24 straight hours of LIVE horror starting at 10 in the morning?

This is undoubtedly one of the coolest things I can recall in a while. It may be absolute garbage, or awesome, or some crazy asshole broadcasting his real life murderous rampage for all of us to see. Color me excited. I know exactly where I will be on the 27th at 10:00am

Merrick if you’re out there… hit us up. You have a home here at Modern Horrors. You know, unless you start executing folks.