It’s November and Halloween’s over, right? Wrong! You may think spooky season is over, but Arrow says it’s just beginning. The only streaming service to combine the works of French filmmaker Jean Rollin, a lineup of Westerns and Giallos, and college horror parodies like Dude Bro Party Massacre III.

Also launching this November is Nightmares and Scary Tales. Check out a world where a pleasant sleep and bad dreams collide. Titles include: Sleep, Ringu, Dream Demon, The Snake Girl and the Silver-haired Witch, and Rude Awakenings.

where a pleasant sleep and bad dreams collide

Late November also debuts 1987’s Flowers in the Attic, starring Academy Award-winning actress Louise Fletcher. And just in time for Black Friday shoppers, Arrow brings you Phantom of the Mall: Eric’s Revenge . One year after her high school sweetheart dies in a blaze, Melody is trying to move on with her life, taking up a job at the newly built Midwood Mall. But the mall, which stands on the very site of Eric’s former home, has an uninvited guest – a shadowy, scarred figure which haunts its airducts and subterranean passageways, hellbent on exacting vengeance on the mall’s crooked developers.

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