You probably haven’t heard of Bagman, and if the plastic industry had anything to say about it, you never would. Thankfully, a pair of shitsticks, Phillip and Logan Wilson, unleashed this unlikeliest of anti-heroes upon an unsuspecting public. The titular Bagman wears a paper bag on his head and carries out a vendetta against anyone who refuses to recycle … with a ball-peen hammer.

imagine Deadpool made by people with less talent … and a budget of $0

But Bagman offers more than a simple environmental message. It also serves as an homage to the Canadian-est of superheroes. In short, imagine Deadpool made by people with less talent than Tim Miller and the writers of GI Joe: Retaliation and a budget of $0. Thus, the Bagman constantly breaks the fourth wall, cracks non-sensical and wildly inappropriate jokes, and never, ever takes himself seriously.

So, in the spirit of Bagman and Deadpool, I’ll talk directly to you, the reader, right know and spill exactly what I think. This is not a good movie. In fact, it’s an impressibly bad movie. The acting, cinematography, story, and sound quality are on par with a movie like The Room, but with 1000x more self-awareness. And yet, did I enjoy the movie? Abso-fuckin-lutely!

I found myself strangely fascinated by its quirky weirdness. By the time the movie dropped one if it’s best jokes–a ‘goes on too long’ gag with car door locks–I was in love. Thus, while I must be honest in my assessment of the objective quality of the film, the scores below speak for themselves. I shall address them no further, except to say that, of the 3.8 paper bags out of 10 that I award this film, Ryan Reynolds took a shit in one of them.

The authenticity of the filmmakers’ joy permeates the entire film like a set of boobalicious honey buns.

Instead, I applaud the vision and perseverance of the filmmakers, who apparently entirely self-financed and self-released this bag-shit insane flick. The credits list one or both Wilson’s in nearly every filmmaking category, including acting. Yet, despite the brothers juggling a starring role, direction, production design, and editing (what in the fuckaroos were they thinking?), Bagman somehow maintains a constant sense of joy and humor.

While a lot of the jokes simply don’t land, the pureness of the effort evokes a sympathetic laughter. But by the time the main character’s mother announces to her son and his girlfriend that she’s going masturbate, and tells them which couch they’re allowed to fuck on, you’re either on the film’s humor frequency or not. These guys didn’t make a movie to get rich. I don’t even think they made it to take to festivals and win awards (although it did play at 3 festivals in 2018). It really feels like they just wanted to have a good time with some friends. The authenticity of the filmmakers’ joy permeates the entire film like a set of boobalicious honey buns.

Thus, while it’s not high on gore, special effects, or even decent acting, I recommend that everyone with a Canadian sense of humor get stoned and give Bagman a watch. In the meantime, I’m going to double-click my mouse, submit this review, and eagerly await Bagman’s return … with his cock out.

Bagman is available on VOD and streaming on Prime Video.