Crowdfunded films are a dime a dozen, and let’s be honest, a large amount of them look downright terrible. But every once in a while something hits the catalogs of Kickstarter that grabs our attention, and in this case, that something is Dino Maglaris’ #SLAUGHTERHOUSE.

While the plot synopsis doesn’t seem wholly original, it’s tried and true. A spring break getaway turns into a home invasion scenario, and from the sound of things, this isn’t just any house; there’s a modern twist made possible by the recent increase in consumer home automation technology. I personally have “smart” locks, lights, thermostats, and motion triggers installed in my home, so I’m interested in seeing what kind of terror the team can come up with.

Even better? This marks the first feature that will actually be filmed under the B|Movie Studios banner. B|Movie Studios is new venture located in Austin, TX that attempts to give fans of horror, science fiction, action, and comedy a taste of both the familiar and unusual via Theatrical, DVD and VOD releases. Carefully curated titles and original productions make up the initial slate of films offered, with a strong focus on unique genre-oriented stories that are both provocative and entertaining. Their first distributed film will be YOU ARE NOT ALONE, which is set for release on June 23rd. The writer/director of that film, Derek Mungor, is serving as producer of #SLAUGHTERHOUSE and is co-founder of B|Movie Studios alongside Dino Maglaris and Chad Charnas.

Check out the campaign below, and support the project if it’s something that you’re interested in seeing. We’ll certainly be doing our part here at MH. Long live indie horror!

What happens when the security of your home can be controlled with your smart device? What happens when that gets into the wrong hands?

When Bob wants to impress new girlfriend Trixie, he invites her to a romantic getaway at his parent’s ultra modern cabin. Trixie would rather have fun with her friends, who she secretly invites to join the party. The spring breakers’ fun quickly turns sinister as their friend turns up dead, and they take to Bob’s smart house for protection. What they don’t know is that they may be inadvertently locking themselves and the killers surrounding them in a fight to the death high-tech, cage match.