You better not cry, you better not pout. Because this Christmas may be your last.

Some heavy-hitter names in Horror are working on an upcoming anthology film called NIGHTMARE CINEMA. But before they unleash it to the public, one of its Producers is sharing an early Christmas present with his short film, A MIDNIGHT CLEAR.

Directed by Joe Russo, who produces the Mick Garris (CRITTERS 2, THE STAND & THE SHINING mini-series) podcast, Post Mortem, the short introduces us to your typical nuclear family, on a typical Christmas Eve. But things are not quite what they seem.

As for 2018’s NIGHTMARE CINEMA, its creators, one of whom includes Joe Dante (GREMLINS, INNERSPACE), promise a Twilight Zone and Tales From The Crypt kind of vibe. There’s even talk of a television series.

A MIDNIGHT CLEAR stars Jessica Morris, Kurt Kubicek and siblings, Caige Coulter and Kue Coulter.

Pour some cocoa, get cozy and unwrap this creepy short while you still can.