What does a clown doll, ventriloquist puppet, and a porcelain doll have in common? They’re all owned by a very creepy girl named Emily, and she wants to play with you. In this indie horror game, you play as the unfortunate pizza delivery guy that makes the mistake of walking into a seemingly abandoned home on the last stop of the night. When the door locks behind you, you’re trapped inside with Emily and her terrifying cohorts until you can find a way out.

Developed by Shawn Hitchcock, this won’t be your average run and hide type of horror game.  The dolls will be very active during your exploration of the house and uber spooky basement.  They may turn the lights out on you, shut doors, or require you to play specific games with them. That’s right, you may wind up stuck in a pitch black room with a terrifying doll. These dolls are rather large, too.

With the developer influenced heavily by the famously scary demo P.T., I have goosebumps already. Could this be the next Five Nights at Freddy’s?

The developer is expecting to release the game on Steam for PC and Mac as early as December 10.  You can keep up to date with the game’s Twitter account here.  

It’s 11pm, and you are at the last house on your route. The lights are on, and the front door is opened. But, the windows are all boarded up. Seems like a strange place to deliver a pizza, but at least, it looks like someone is home. You run to the front door since it’s storming pretty bad. “Hello!? Your pizza’s here!” You announce. No one answers. There’s an eerie silence. You are getting soaked from the rain so you hesitantly step inside the door and look around. The front door suddenly closes behind you. You just wanted to finish this last delivery and head home for the night. Now you must figure out how to get out of this stupid creepy house. Freely roam the house trying to figure out what is going on. Three dolls and a strange girl will start roaming the house as the hours toll by. Stay away from them, but if you do end up in a room with one, figure out how to stay alive. Can you make it out alive?