When a venture capitalist loses everything on a deal gone south, he’s forced to start over. He can’t believe his luck when a ground-floor opportunity in revolutionary VR technology presents itself. As it turns out, the technology’s creators have far more sinister motives in mind, pitting our protagonist in a cat and mouse game that threatens more than just his fortune and glory.

an intricate tale of greed, betrayal, and forgiveness

Empathy Inc. is the sophomore feature from writing and directing team Mark Leidner and Yedidya Gorsetman. The film utilizes a black and white aesthetic, a macguffin-esque new technology, and an espionage backdrop. Leidner’s script offers an intricate tale of greed, betrayal, and forgiveness.

Starring Zack Robidas, Kathy Searle, Eric Berryman, and Jay Klaitz, Empathy Inc. made its debut last week in LA and will be available in other markets on September 13 and VOD September 24, 2019.

Plot Synopsis

An investor in a VR startup discovers that the reality the company provides isn’t virtual.