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We’ve kept a close eye on the latest project from our friends at B|Movie Studios, and we’re thrilled to be the first to share the film’s debut trailer with you this morning. But that’s not all… If you tuned into episode 61 of The Modern Horrors Podcast, you might remember producer Derek Mungor’s rather grandiose plans for releasing #SLAUGHTERHOUSE to the public. Well, it looks like the team has made those dreams a reality as we now have the official list of interactive screenings for the film’s Halloween Road Show. The team says the following of their interactive screenings:

In celebration of Halloween and the killer in us all, #SLAUGHTERHOUSE will bring its reign of psychotic terror to a city near you October 13 th through the 31 st . Experience the horror in a new way with a compelling peek behind the quintessential curtain of Dr. Oz at the surprising complexities that embody us all, killer or victim. Walk down the yellow brick road, and enjoy a classic slasher thriller with a modern twist, and a little bit of, dare we say it, romance? Film viewing is no longer a passive experience. Immerse yourself in a live horror film screening with #SLAUGHTERHOUSE. You’ll realize you really aren’t in Kansas anymore… and maybe you don’t want to be. Tickets can be purchased at:

Directed by Dino Maglaris, #SLAUGHTERHOUSE seems to have everything we could ask for in a modern horror film. Slick camera work, beautiful cinematography, the exploitation of modern technology, and kills… lots of grisly, bloody kills. Check out the trailer, stills, one sheet, and official plot synopsis below for what is sure to be a murderous good time. While you’re at it, have a look at the tour dates, and grab yourself a ticket for an experience that you won’t want to miss.

#SLAUGHTERHOUSE will be made available on VOD platforms as well on October 13th.

A Spring break party turns into a bloody death chamber – Bob just wanted to get to know his new girlfriend. Instead, he gets to meet all her closest friends, just in time for them to get slaughtered one by one, as five escaped lunatics from a nearby insane asylum take command of his high-tech house. Bob and Jen have to maneuver their way through an obstacle course of blood and body parts to save themselves or end up on a long list of the dead that the lunatics have left along their path.