Welcome to that magical time of year.  It’s scaring season, and with that comes haunted houses.  Now as you well know, most of these get-ups are your run-of-the-mill scare house, complete with clown mask, chainsaws with no blade, and that one room that spins and makes you want to vomit.  Fret not, horror connoisseurs!  Extreme, or interactive, haunted houses are on the rise.

So what is the difference between an extreme haunted house and the one at Billy Bob’s farm?  Well you’re not going to get a corn maze for one.  These are the kind of places you go to experience a more primal fear.  Each require a waiver, the participant must be 18+ (except McKamey Manor which requires 21+), they almost all have safe words, and you have the knowledge that you WILL be touched.  Sound like fun?  Like waterboarding and simulated sexual assault?  Watch The Houses October Built before you head out and check in with us if you make it back.

Still interested?  Here are some of this years top locations.

Blackout= http://www.theblackoutexperience.com/

McKamey Manor=  http://www.mckameymanor.com/

Freakling Brothers Gate=  http://www.freaklingbros.com/

Alone=  http://www.thealoneexperience.com/