It’s the 76th episode of Final Girls Horrorcast and it’s Listener Request Month so things just couldn’t be better in Final Girl Land! This week The Girls search for the deeper meaning of ‘Escape from Tomorrow’ as requested by listener Fred B. and enjoy the wonderland that is ‘Coraline’. In their final segments The Girls also partake in a spoiler-free review of “A Quiet Place” and answer a bunch of questions submitted by Justin from The Horror Business Podcast.

Trailer Trashtalk Segment: “The First Purge” with a July 4th release date

Stay tuned next week when we continue Listener Request Month:
Listener Zanna Requested “Asmodexia” directed by Marc Carreté (this film is streaming on Hulu)
Listener Monica Requested “Into the Forest” directed by: Patricia Rozema (this film is streaming on Amazon Prime)