The next film from Found director Scott Schirmer will be Harvest Lake. Per Forbidden Films:

Five friends fall under the seductive influence of a libidinous, otherworldly presence that threatens to change their lives forever in this strange and erotic new film from director Scott Schirmer (Found) and producer Brian K. Williams (Time to Kill). Starring Jason Crowe (Dead Moon Rising), Ellie Church (Headless), Tristan Risk (American Mary), Dan Nye (The Legend of Wasco), and Kevin Roach (The Confession of Fred Krueger), with special FX by The Clockwerk Creature Company. Production wrapped in September and the film will make its festival premiere next spring, but you can see and own the movie in January through this exclusive, limited offer that will help fund our post-production and publicity efforts!

[vimeo 142467534 w=700 h=298]

HARVEST LAKE Teaser Trailer (2016) – Ellie Church, Tristan Risk from Forbidden Films on Vimeo.

Forbidden Films is seeking support for post production and promotional efforts for the film by offering a pre-order of some “very special” Blu-rays, which will ship in January, months before the film’s festival premiere and any other potential release.

We interviewed Schirmer earlier this year. Read that here.

Schirmer and co. had been seeking funding for another project called The Bad Man on Kickstarter, but the campaign was unsuccessful. According to the Faceobok page, however, the project isn’t dead, and will continue to seek funding.

Another Forbidden Films project, The Legend of Wasco (co-directed by Shane Beasley and Leya Taylor – both of Found and Headless fame) is due out at Redbox in December.