If you love horror movies and punk music, there’s an enormous chance that you know all about the lost skeleton, Michale Graves.

Before my love of horror movies grew to consume my day to day life, I was determined to be a musician. I grew up listening to anything and everything, but nothing meshed my two loves together quite like Misfits albums, American Psycho and Famous Monsters–both featured Graves’ particular blend of energetic and horror-infused songwriting and melodic vocals. Those albums are still in my regular rotation… but you probably knew that.

What you might not know is that Graves (Perkins 14, I Believe) is a pretty talented actor as well. That’s why we’re absolutely STOKED to announce his addition to Modern Horrors’ feature film debut, God Country.

We’re still keeping most details under wraps for now, but you can check out the brand new teaser trailer and official plot synopsis below. Remember–God Country is currently in crowdfunding and can only exist with your support. We have a long way to go, so if you want to see it happen, make it happen! We have killer rewards for you if you do.

Plot Synopsis:

A young man, with a traumatic upbringing, is forced home by a family tragedy only to find himself embattled with local religious extremists.