You might remember last year we told you about a brand new horror shorts film festival. Now, Picture Show Panic is gearing up for it’s second year and is accepting submissions right now! If you have a short film under 16 minutes in length, you can submit it right now via Film Freeway. The submission deadline of August 31, 2020 is fast approaching, so be sure to get yours in if you haven’t already and a member of the Modern Horrors team might just soak in your crazy brain juice in a few months!

awesome, gruesome, wacky, and macabre images

This year, as with many things, the festival is going all digital in an event they’ve dubbed ‘Picture Show Panic: Viral’. It’s a bummer that we can’t all get together, but an all-digital festival might mean more people can participate even if you can’t make the drive out to Titusville, FL. And I know that the team is very excited to bring some awesome, gruesome, wacky, and macabre images back to our eyeholes.

Last year’s festival included some amazing shorts, like Andrew Hunt’s Frostbite and Brian Rosenthal’s Fever. Both of those are now available online (check them out below), but festivals are a great way to get eyes on some up-and-coming talent and get excited about the future of horror!

They’ve also unveiled a dope new T-shirt for this year. No word on whether it comes with the extra bloodstains as depicted. If not, just pick yourself up a clean one and add your own! In the meantime, remember to submit your short films and stay tuned for more updates.