HELLBOUND is a first-person shooter inspired by the likes of DOOM, QUAKE and DUKE NUKEM 3D. The lead character’s name is The lead character’s name is Hellgore. HELLGORE, for Pete’s sake. And all he cares about is earthquakes, nukes and big fucking guns. Take our money and sign us up now!

This game is all about shooting, explosions, blood and speed. Sounds like a great way to spend Friday night—digitally, of course. This game is billing itself as grotesque. Saibot Studios is definitely setting the bar, and our expectations, high. Action, gore and violence sound perfect.

HELLBOUND is coming to PC very soon, according to the developer. Players will be pitted again hordes of monstrous enemies and demons. For those interested, the closed beta registration is now open on the official website. If the game is half as good as the brutally honest, and funny, trailer, this could be a decently fun game.