Here at Modern Horrors, we’re not known for looking back at the past very often. That said, you never know what the contemporaries of the genre are going to pull next. Enter Nashville Opera’s newest show, HERCULES VS VAMPIRES.

Film composer Patrick Morganelli delves into new territory by composing an opera that synchronizes with Mario Bava’s 1961 cult classic, HERCULES IN THE HAUNTED WORLD. The film stars British bodybuilder Reg Park as Hercules, and genre titan Christopher Lee as his nemesis King Lico . This new concoction still follows Hercules on his quest to rescue Dianara from eternal enslavement by an evil vampire-master, but adds the new score with live performances from the orchestra and opera singers. Let me tell you, if there is one thing Nashville knows, it’s music.

However the fun doesn’t stop there. Nashville Opera is striving to make HERCULES VS VAMPIRES a full blown experience. There will be a costume contest, photo booth, and an insights talk with director John Hoomes and composer Patrick Morganelli that starts at 7, with the main event following at 8 PM.

I for one am all about an evening of pseudo-sophistication that includes watching a genre movie (and one that I’ve never seen to boot)! If you’re going to be in the Nashville area on January 27th, pick up a ticket, head to the Tennessee Performing Arts Center (TPAC) and we’ll grab a drink. Prices are only $26, or $45 for you high rollers.

Patrick Morganelli’s new opera was written to accompany Mario Bava’s 1961 cult movie of the same name, a sword-and-sandal film that is wildly operatic in scope. Follow Hercules on his quest to rescue Dianara from eternal enslavement by an evil vampire-master. We’ll project the film in its entirety as the new operatic soundtrack is performed live by opera singers and orchestra.