We love Shudder.com. We’ve talked about it on The Modern Horrors Podcast, we’ve written about why you might want to give it a shot, and new we invite you to join in on the fun. As of today, Shudder.com has entered open beta. That means anyone can sign up and take advantage of the awesome platform, but there will be some glitches and growing pains along the way. You know, normal types of things you can expect when participating in a beta program.

You get a super generous 14-day free trial, and after that it’ll only run you $4.99 a month – or $50 for an entire year. That’s one hell of a deal. I suggest jumping on it right away. Visit Shudder.com and give it a shot. After all, you have two full weeks to determine if it’s something you can’t live without or not.