At most, a good scream lasts about one minute.

With that in mind, the good people at the New York Times have shared some short, dark Christmas presents to close out 2017.

No self-respecting Horror fan can argue that this year hasn’t been a banner year for Horror. The past twelve months have offered a strong list of internationally popular films to the genre, including IT, GET OUT, IT COMES AT NIGHT, GERALD’S GAME and many more.

In this spirit, the Pulitzer-prize winning NY TIMES has gathered some of today’s top talent and delivered a welcome series of shorts celebrating the genre. The faces will be undoubtedly be familiar, and who knows, maybe one day the talented names behind the camera will be too.

Directed by Floria Sigismondi, best known for 2010’s rocker THE RUNAWAYS, the shorts feature A-List talent like Nicole Kidman (THE OTHERS), Cynthia Nixon, Andy Serkis (RISE OF THE PLANET OF THE APES), Daniel Kaluuya (GET OUT), Jake Gyllenhaal (LIFE, NIGHTCRAWLER) and many more. In about one minute, each short film captures what Horror fans delight in: the macabre, the strange, the darkly beautiful and the mysterious.

Dim the lights this Holiday season and dive into all ten of these Horror shorts by clicking here. It’s fifteen minutes well spent. While you do, lift a glass to 2018 and hope for more of the same.