In an industry eager to plunder past theatrical success for a quick buck today, 1992’s Candyman, an adaptation of from Clive Barker ‘s short story “The Forbidden” from “Books of Blood,” is absent from the abundance of yearly horror remakes. I remember watching Candyman at too young an age, instilling a few of bees that took me years to shake. But the franchise has missed the reboot boat – until now.  

A new report from Bloody Disgusting suggests Get Out writer-director Jordan Peele is looking to produce a remake through his Monkeypaw Productions. BD goes on to say Tri-Star has released the rights to an unknown entity. 

Horror is seeing a reveal, and Candyman is ripe for a proper remake or soft reboot sequel à la 2018’s Halloween. We hope Tony Todd returns as the titular character. His role and portrayal are iconic — he’s still acting, bringing all his charm to screens big and small.