Well there’s good news and bad news. The bad news is that we’ll be taking a break next week due to the holidays. The good news is that we’ll be returning with a massive Year End Awards episode. And you know, we still have today’s episode. So what are we talking about?

The Void has officially begun the filming process, our friends at Found Footage 3D have officially completed their film, Ridley Scott is kind of recycling shit in his new film, and Japan has clearly lost its mind in a new GRUDGE vs RING battle film.

Then we review a flick that we know a lot of you have been excited about. It’s called He Never Died. It comes out this Friday – December 18th, so get excited. After we share our thoughts on the film, we are joined by writer/director Jason Krawczyk to learn a bit more about the filming process and the future of the film.

All of that plus a round of 20 Questions and so much more on episode 37 of The Modern Horrors Podcast. Listen Now!!!