With the sweet, sweet rays of sunshine upon our faces, we tread into unfamiliar territory this week with a review of the HBO documentary BEWARE THE SLENDERMAN.  Is this the creepypasta documentary that we expected, or is this something a bit different?  That’s in round 2, but first, the news feed!

Plot details and casting information has hit the street for both FRIDAY THE 13TH: PART 13 and JEEPERS CREEPERS 3.  We give some initial impressions of haunted hospital flick, NAILS, check out the freshman effort of a few recently graduated film students in EATEN ALIVE, and finally try to piece together what will be happening THE NIGHT BEFORE.

This week ends with more #ASKMODERNHORRORS.  The questions keep rolling in, so we keep answering (even if we don’t always fully understand)!  You get all of that, plus so much more in this episode of The Modern Horrors Podcast.

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